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I am an educational psychologist in Cape Town (Claremont). The psychological fields that intrigue me are acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, career counselling, anxiety treatment, and any mental disorders that have an impact on learning and development.

Career Counseling Cape Town Hannes Wessels

Explore specialized career counseling with Hannes Wessels, dedicated to empowering your professional growth. Discover personalized strategies and expert advice to navigate your career path with confidence and success.

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Hannes Wessels is a registered Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. As a therapist, he works together with his clients to live rich & meaningful lives despite the obstacles & pain they might experience. His clinical work is focused on providing comprehensive psychological evaluations, primarily for the purpose of making sure that his clients are receiving the correct treatment plan or diagnosis, to move them forward in life. He is especially interested in using evidence-based approaches to provide a quality service to his clients and move them forward. Therefore, he has a special interest in: Therapy (ACT, CBT & EMDR) Educational Psychological Assessments Career Counselling Psychometrics

Mental Health Services Cape Town

Comprehensive Mental Health Services in Cape Town, South Africa Welcome to the Hannes Wessels Psychologist blog, where we explore the importance of mental health services. At Hannes Wessels, we are…

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