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How does anxiety therapy work?

How does anxiety therapy work? Anxiety disorders are most prevalent mental health-related disorders. However, knowing this might not solve the problem. Therefore, the question is posed as to what can be expected, or how is anxiety difficulties normally treated? In a recent interview, Professor David Barlow highlighted 5 dimensions of good anxiety

Career Counselling

CAREER COUNSELLING So what do you want to do after school? What do you want to become? How do I want to live my life? The question many of us dread to answer. Career counselling can help. Where do you even start? The reality not a lot of people truly know how

What is an educational psychologist?

What is an educational psychologist? An educational psychologist works to optimise human functioning in the areas related to human development and learning. This implies that educational psychologists work with any person if it is connected to their development and learning. There is a common misconception that educational psychologists only works with