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About Hannes

I am an educational psychologist in Centurion. The psychological fields that intrigue me are cognitive behavioural therapy, career counselling, anxiety treatment, and any mental disorders that have an impact on learning and development.
I’m also very intrigued by the psychological uses and impact of social media on adolescents.

In 2016 I presented at the International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan. The presentation was titled: Exploring the use of Facebook as a tool to enhance the career construction journeys of Grade 11 adolescents at a high school.

I have been a lecturer at the South African College of Applied Psychology since 2014.

So how can I be helpful to you?

I work with  clients to:

  • Manage difficult emotions with a sense of calm and learn the ability to take appropriate responsibility
  • Improve decision making
  • Maintain a healthy balance between work and family time
  • Set strong personal boundaries and have respectful relationships
  • Communicate more assertively with friends, officemates, or family.
  • Learn how to deal with excessive worrying
  • Improve your self-confidence or self-esteem
  • Learn how to calm themselves in stressful situations
  • To deal with difficult life transitions (divorce, new schools or loss)
  • Feel more focused during tests and examinations
  • Feel more prepared for their examinations

My Qualifications include

  • My qualifications include:
  • M.Ed Educational Psychology (UJ)
  • MA(UJ)
  • B Ed(Hons)(Ed Psych)(UJ)
  • BA(Hons)(UJ); BA(UJ)
  • PGCE(UJ)
  • TESOL(Wits)

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