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I am an educational psychologist in Centurion and Parkhurst (Johannesburg). As an educational psychologist, I strive to help my clients live rich and meaningful lives. Together in my office, we explore the most widely accepted methods for moving towards valued behaviours that bring us closer to a satisfying life. Most importantly I provide a safe, non-judgemental, collaborative and congruent environment. The services I provide to bring my clients closer to this ideal include career counselling, anxiety treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and educational psychological assessments.

Here are some of the problems I collaborate with people in my practice:

I work with clients that feel their anxiety and stress are overwhelming them and hampering them in their development as a person.

If your marks drop significantly during test and examination you might have test taking anxiety. Read more about examination anxiety here. 

If your child is in Grade 9 and needs to find out what subjects will best suit their abilities, or what subjects they will need for their intended tertiary course. I can assist

Career construction is one of the latest career counselling approaches and aims to empower the client to design their ideal life through well research constructivists and narrative techniques.

I see clients that feel that they are not confident enough to reach their goals or move towards the behaviours they feel will bring them a more fulfilled life. A well-researched approach to deal with these difficulties is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Find out more

I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as a therapeutic approach to assist client in dealing with overwhelming feelings or emotions

Change is not an easy process and sometimes you or somebody you know need someone to be there during this time.

If you have a persistent feeling that you are not living up to your potential, therapy might be able to get you there.

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help with procrastination and avoidance.

Media links

In 2017 I had the opportunity to provide PowerFM listeners with some advice for their Grade 12 examinations. Herewith the link to the recorded radio interview.

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